Toledo Stump Grinding and Removal

Toledo Stump Grinding and Removal


After cutting down a tree, you are left with an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump. Left as is, a stump becomes an obstacle for mowing, in the way of landscaping plans and a hurdle for kids and customers. When you hire Handybrother to perform your stump grinding, we will grind the stump  down to the necessary depth for future landscaping needs. This leaves your yard safe and beautiful again. We offer these services on their own or in combination with our other services.

We offer stump grinding and removal in the Toledo and all the surrounding cities.

Bedford, MI
 Bowling Green

 Ottawa Hills

 Point Place

To receive a quote by phone please do the following:

1-Take a Pic of the Tree Stump(s)

Simply snap a pic of your stump(s) and email it or text it to us. Please put a quarter on top of the stump so we can reference the size. It’s that simple!

2-Receive Your Stump Removal Quote

We quote based on the size of the stump, the reach of the roots, and also the density of the tree. 

3-Pick A Day to Remove the Stump

Handybrother shows up ON TIME with our stump grinder and make short work of your stumps. Estimates are around 30 minutes to 2 hours per stump.
Toledo Stump removal