Toledo Garbage Disposal

Installing & Repairing Kitchen Garbage Disposal in Toledo

Because of their typically heavy usage, garbage disposals often break down or need repairs.

Homeowners who cannot fix or replace a garbage disposal on their own can call Handybrother for help.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Lodged Items

Spoons, jewelry, stringy food, and solid objects are common items that get stuck in garbage disposals. Before trying to remove an obstacle, unplug the disposal. If the item is too lodged for easy retrieval, call Hanybrother.

Clogged Disposals

Clogs occur as thick substances build up. Solidified grease, food fibers, and dirt are common clog culprits. As they accumulate, they may trap particles that add to the clog. Inexperienced homeowners should call Handybrother to clear clogs. We have the equipment and products to quickly and effectively rid disposals of obstructions.


A garbage disposal that stops working may be the result of an overload switch that has tripped. When disposals get overloaded, they are designed to automatically shut off. Hit the reset button to re-engage the disposal. If that doesn’t work, call Handybrother. Your appliance may require a little electrical work to be functional again.

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We Install Garbage Disposals

The garbage disposal is a hidden but important kitchen appliance. It comes as a standard feature in almost all homes.

Garbage disposals wear out after about ten years.

Does yours need replacing?


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